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Expert structural design services for domestic properties across the UK


Welcome to Steel It

We produce structural calculations for domestic customer extensions.  Our aim is to provide knowledge and practicality to reduce the impact of the structure, to ensure architecture remains the dominant feature and not spoilt by unnecessary steelwork.

We incorporate steelwork into architectural design by thinking out of the box, to position the structural element allowing a minimised impact to the design.

Simple beam design to building regulation standard for £75.00 per beam, discount for multiples.

About us

We are a company based in Hull but cover the United Kingdom. Steel It specialises in expert structural  design services for domestic properties.

We are part of the Arcidoodle LLP group of companies that consist of Steel It, Ready2Extend and Arcidoodle.

As a group of companies we provide a wide range of services from structural design to professional architectural services for clients looking to build an extension on their property.

We also professional drone services that cover building inspections and surveys, mapping and 3D modelling and aerial photogrophy and videography.

If you would like to find out more about our services please contact us or visit our websites.